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Playing Games Has Taught Me A Lot

3 minute read

A topic came up on the accidental tech podcast about gaming, what the average age of a “gamer” is, does one grow out of it? and gaming being a rich experienc...

CoreText Bold

less than 1 minute read

Simple text editor paradigm, user selects a font from a menu/list and you want to know if they have a bold font or not, so you can show them in the UI. Simpl...

Working with CTFont

2 minute read

In a previous post I went through creating UIFonts. UIFonts are great for UIKit classes but when you want rich text and need to set fonts for NSAttributedStr...

Working with UIFont

1 minute read

I have been working with fonts in iOS quite a bit recently and wanted to gather what I have learned.

Asterisk Syntax Lesson Learned

2 minute read

Over the last few weeks I have converted an old Digilogic Vox IVR system over to use Asterisk. During this process I have discovery quite a few oddities in t...